September 2023

Fri 1 Sept - barrage, 0920h, Thoraise, Besançon lock, mooring, library, noise, move

Sat 2 Sept - sleep, canoes, Sarah, walk, lock, circle singing, swim, disco, SGP Cardiff

Sun 3 Sept - one day more, writing, Thai dinner, Excel, crook, loo, restless night

Mon 4 Sept - swim ladder, late morning leave, Deluz, hot with breeze, Excelling

Tues 5 Sept - early rise, walk, road works, 10k walk, 5 hours, knackered, beer

Wed 6 Sept - sleep in, Excel, licence renewal failure

Thurs 7 Sept - 3 water dogs, 2 churches, head south, Besançon, dragon boat

Fri 8 Sept - late night revellers, Storm, canoes, batteries, orchestra, RWC opening

Sat 9 Sept - hot, tank, silicone, Japanese gifts, battery fuse, RWC Oz, town walk

Sun 10 Sept - fireworks, battery charging, Malate swim and drinks, late dinner

Mon 11 Sept - prepare boat, train to Auxonne, SJDL, Besain, dinner and overnight

Tues 12 Sept - Lyon pickup, Besançon, Auxonne, train, dinner, light rain

Wed 13 Sept - rain forecast, nothing, Citadelle walk, Rita, Claude, dinner, jazz

Thurs 14 Sept - foggy, E51 delay, Thoraise, le Maroc, wild mooring, saviours

Fri 15 Sept - SMF email, Rochefort, swim, ridge walk, Dole, Craig's lock, dinner

Sat 16 Sept - rainy night, rain forecast, stay in Dole, collect car, no rain, last supper

Sun 17 Sept - early rise, dark, Exupery, transition report, Sarah, RWC Fiji

Mon18 Sept - wild storm, Auxonne run, crosswind mooring, near Pipers, storm

Tues 19 Sept - sunny, pick up Scenic, Besançon, Liars, Danish, Rita home

20-26 Sept - last week in France (for a while)

27-30 Sept - a few days in north-west Spain