Fri 2 Sept - manuals, Storm, haircut, naps, pingpong, showers, les Ramparts

Our first job for the day was to visit our campervan neighbours, and take photos of their Fleurette manual. Luckily we found they also had a manual for the Dometic fridge, which was also giving us trouble, so we copied that as well. We also learned a few tips from them about making the van more secure against breakins, so all in all it was a productive morning. Soon thereafter, they left the campground for their next destination.

While we had breakfast, I followed the NRL game back home, where the Parrametta Eels once again beat the Storm 22-14. Somehow for the past couple of years, the Eels have had the drop on the Storm; this defeat dropped the Storm to 5th on the ladder, which will make their run in the Finals that much more difficult later this month. After breakfast we wandered over to Effie, where Rita was meeting up with Kathy to get her hair cut and coloured. However, when we got there at 1000h, they were not there. We waited for a while, and then went looking for them in the town, where we eventually found them having coffee with friends. This is one of the dangers in a port town, where you often get distracted by bumping into barging friends that you haven't seen for a while!

While Rita had her hair done, I wandered to the other side of the port to watch a barge being hauled up by a crane to have some work done on the prop.

After last night's late night, and this morning's activities, everyone decided it was time for a nap. So we retired to our respective hideaways. In mid-afternoon, Rita and I went looking for a pingpong table, which we found near the campground. We played several games, and then joined an Islamic lady and her two boys for a game of doubles. But this was cut short by some afternoon showers, which drove us indoors again. In the evening we joined Phil and Kathy for dinner at Les Ramparts restaurant, before returning to the van where we met up with a local ginger cat, who was just as friendly as our own Ginger down in Moissac.