September 2014

Monday 1 Sept - petanque, down-river cruise, Uvarium Concert, Coates, Tango

Tuesday 2 Sept - departures, storage options, Nico&Miyu farewell party

Wednesday 3 Sept - Fetes photos, Medieval Music Workshop 1, Chinese Dinner

Thursday 4 Sept - Medieval Music Workshop 2, Cloister tour, paintings arrive

Friday 5 Sept - up to the Canal, diving, AFL, storage, Garonne campfire

Saturday 6 Sept - website updating, Auvillar lunch, AFL

Sunday 7 Sept - early rise, St Aubin Market gig, final drinks, into storage

Monday 8 Sept - barge training, camera downloading, art expo, last supper

Tuesday 9 Sept - vehicle returns, more departures, full moon on rear deck

Wednesday 10 Sept - camion returned, pans to DHL, Back to Normality

Thursday 11 Sept - Indian Summer, silicone sealing

Friday 12 Sept - more sunshine, websites, AFL, shower sealing

Saturday 13 Sept - Moissac Book, Besain, AFL, dinner with Sarah and Albon

Sunday 14 Sept - drive to Bern, Miro, Kuno, explore old town

Monday 15 Sept - Walters, Donovans, Casino, Ferrum Helveticum

Tuesday 16 Sept - Jungfraujoch trip, adventures with Lynne, Sims arrive

Wedesday 17 Sept - Bern Day, Sims, bear park, Aare walk, dinner at Kuno’s

Thursday 18 Sept - Ballenberg, Market Square dinner, some quick/some slow

Friday 19 Sept - departures, AFL, Gurten walk, another parking fine

Saturday 20 Sept - AFL, Gere’s pans, Aare bike ride, dinner with Kuno

Sunday 21 Sept - thunderstorm, Gruyere, dinner with Lothar, meet Gere

Monday 22 Sept - drive to Beynac, lost in Lyon, stay with Sharen and Glenys

Tuesday 23 Sept - balloons, Bonaguil Chateau, home to Moissac, batacuda

Wednesday 24 Sept - sleep in, new bridge, brown Tarn

Thursday 25 Sept - S&C return, Moissac walk, dinner at La Fromage

Friday 26 Sept - Indian Summer, rail tickets, bye to S&C

Saturday 27 Sept - AFL Grand Final, market coffee, Biscarosse, Mimizan, sunset

Sunday 28 Sept - beach walk, forest drive, Auch, home to Moissac

Monday 29 Sept - overnight rain, cycle to St Nicolas, pub with no beer

Tuesday 30 Sept - more rain, websiting, Police, dinner with Bernard