Kanumbra's Role in Pentecost 2013 Parade

Pentecote 2013 turned out to be a bit of an anticlimax, especially after we found Kanumbra on the cover of the Pentecote Fete brochure for 2013.

Having made Kanumbra available to the Mayor for the previous two years, we planned our trip to France in 2013 around being there just before Pentecote so that we could clean and prepare the barge, rather than leaving it to Kaz and Iain again, given how busy they were with the rest of the port operations. So, even though it was a bit earlier than we really wanted to travel, we managed to get there in the week before Pentecote.

When we left Australia, we were still unsure whether the barge was needed or not. However, on checking emails at Singapore Airport, we saw that the Mayor had contacted Kaz and Iain and asked for Kanumbra again. So, we were happy that our earlier than preferred trip was at least going to be useful. However, 24 hours later when we arrived in Moissac, we were told that the Mayor had changed his mind and had found another (larger) barge in Montech, and hence Kanumbra would not be needed.

So, our early trip turned out to unnecessary. But at least that meant that we did not have to spend the days after we got to Moissac cleaning and preparing the barge, and could instead concentrate on things that were important to us personally, like getting a French bank account, and some phones and electricity for the house. As it turned out, the weather for the Pentecote long weekend was wet and very cool, so it meant that we didn't have to go cruising on the Tarn in the rain (-: