Wednesday 20 June - Puycornet, Nico and Miyu dinner, friends, fun and games

At 9am we left Besain to drive to Puycornet, near Moissac, to visit Nico and Miyu that evening. Rather than risk getting “Lost in Lyon” again, we drove the long way through Chalon-sur-Saone. It was a pleasant enough drive, and along the way I got an email from DELWP listing the questions we would need to answer next week in the interview with them about the Grant for the Taggerty MicroGrid project. So that gave Rita and me plenty to talk about for the last few hours of the drive.

Around 6pm, we arrived at Puycornet, and were met by Miyu and her two boys Massa and Ioli. Nico was still at work and the others had not arrived from Moissac yet. So we got to have a good long chat with Miyu. By about 7pm, everyone had arrived and so we sat down to dinner with Nico, Miyu, Massa, Ioli, Julian & Judy (good friends from Taggerty), Sarah (Nico’s sister) and Johnny (Julian’s best friend, and Sarah’s boyfriend).

It was a warm evening, so before dinner Nico filled up the outdoor bathtub for Massa to have a swim (amazing how kids will so easily have a bath if they think it’s a “swim”). But after he had filled the bathtub, Julian made some smart comments to Nico and so he also had a bath.

But luckily Miyu had some spare dry t-shirts for Julian, even if they weren’t quite the right size. Laughs all round.

Everyone had a great time reminiscing about good times spent in Taggerty, and elsewhere, while we waited for the much anticipated Puycornet sunset. Since we had consumed just a few drinks by then, I had lots of props to line up on the railing for an unusual sunset picture.

Around midnight, everyone was getting a bit weary, so we made our way on to Moissac, promising to catch up with Nico and Miyu later in our stay, and with the rest of the mob in the morning for a late breakfast.