Tuesday 19 June - Yahtze, A-Z on Pans, Besain, French drivers, BBQ

Today was our last day in Bern, so after breakfast we had one last game of Yahtze, which Mutti won with no help from us. Our annual games of Liar Poker and Yahtze with Mutti give us a good indication of how she is going mentally. She is still going strong!!

After breakfast I was doing some Facebooking and saw a posting from the Melbourne Ska Orchestra about their effort this year releasing one song every week. It then gave me an idea for the next CD from Pans on Fire, where we could do an "A-Z on Pans” releasing one track on the internet each fortnight starting with each letter of the alphabet, and then compiling them as a 26 track CD at the end of the year. When I looked at our existing repertoire I realised we would only have to learn 7 new songs, starting with D, G, H, K, Q, X and Z.

In the early afternoon, we made a sad farewell to Mutti, and jumped in the car to drive to Besain in the French Jura where our friends Sarah and Alban live. On the way, we drove on a mixture of Motorway and rural roads and it confirmed one thing about French drivers. While they are quite good and courteous on the Motorways, they are absolute maniacs on the rural roads. They have no patience, and must overtake at the earliest opportunity, no matter whether it’s on a bend, over a hill or with oncoming traffic. Total nut cases!!

Because of the recent fine weather and the prospect of fine weather for another week, we noticed that lots of farmers were "making hay while the sun shines” on the way across, and when we got to Besain we saw that the same was happening with Alban. So late in the evening he arrived home with his new farming partner, Freddie, after which we settled down to a BBQ with Sarah and Alban, their two boys and Freddie.