In 2019, I wrote on this blog that "Having moved Kanumbra up north at the end of last season (2018), this year will see us breaking new ground in our cruising. So far, we have no real idea where we will be going, except that we want to start by going up the River Doubs (Canal du Rhône au Rhin) to Mulhouse, before joining the Grand Canal d'Alsace and heading north to Strasbourg. After that, it's anyones guess!". Well, that didn't go quite as planned, and for a variety of reasons we only got as far up the River Doubs as Montbeliard, before heading back to Auxonne and then exploring the River Saone north of Auxonne for a bit.

2020 turned out to be a bit of a fizzer, for well known reasons, and for a long time we thought 2021 might be heading in the same direction. But here we are, about to try again to get to Strasboiugh and beyond - let's hope we're a bit more successful this time around.

> The Strasbourg Loop

> All the Cruising in 2021

> Just Getting Away

For so long, we doubted we might ever go barging again!

Trying to do what we set out to do in 2019