We are making plans for the 2016 season, which for us will be from early-June to late-August. Last year was broken up with guests, a trip to Switzerland, and an un-expected illness with Rita’s dad, so this year we hope to do a bit more cruising. However, this year will also be punctuated by a trip to Switzerland to celebrate Rita’s Mum's 90th birthday, plus some visiting Australian and Swiss guests. In addition, since this will be the first year for us with a finished Maison de la Rose, we will be spending a bit of time setting-up the house for the start of her B&B life in Spring-2017. Finally, given the success of the Moissac Barge/Boat Rally in 2014, we will be helping to run another event, the Moissac Barge Artz Rally, on July 9-10 which will feature the Boat Rally as per 2014, plus an Art Display at Maison de la Rose featuring works of art (painting, photos, sculptures) contributed by members of the barging fraternity. So it looks like 2016 will be another busy year in France, including:

> the setting-up of Maison de la Rose

> Moissac Barge Artz Rally

> a little more canal Cruising in and around Moissac