Pentecost 2012

Following the success of Kanumbra in being the hero of the Pentecost parade in 2011, we were pleased to allow Kanumbra to be used again in 2012. As will be seen below, she was a different kind of "hero" in 2012.

In 2012, Kanumbra was once again the barge of choice for the Mayor and the Rosiere ("the Pageant Queen").

This year, Kanumbra was flanked by barges Somewhere and Tinpan.

Conditions on the River Tarn were beautiful, but the flow was surprisingly strong after recent rain. After a while, Somewhere found herself drifting downstream and became hung-up on the barrage that crosses the river just downstream of the lock down from the canal. Kanumbra was called in to rescue her by connecting a line and towing her off the barrage.

In an article in a local newspaper the following day, Kanumbra's deeds were well recorded.

The full article in the newspaper describes more about the Pentecost parade and the role of the barges.

A slide show of the barging adventure on the day can be seen here (thanks to Mark Pigden from "Anna" for the great photos).