A Bunch of Years

When we bought Kanumbra and started our barging adventure in 2010, we had no idea how long the adventure would last. It nearly came to a screeching halt three weeks after we started cruising by ourselves with our little drama in Lavardac, but thankfully we composed ourselves and continued on. So in 2021 we realised than we had now had over 10 years of this adventure, and this was brought home forcefully when I realised that I had run out of space on the menu bar at the top of each page for each year to have its own tab!  So I made an executive decision to group some of the years. Our first year (2011) retains its own tab, because it was a very special year. All of our other years up to 2019 are now grouped together, while the past few years again get their own tab, with the notable exception of 2020 (I wonder why?).

The years within the grouped set can be reached from the main menu, or they can be selected by clicking on the year below, where I have also summarised some of the highlights for each year:


Snow in Moissac, joining the DBA Committee, Pentecots Parade 2012, cruise west to Fontets


Buy house in Moissac, leave the DBA Committee, a painting of Kanumbra, Long-Stay Visa, The Lot, Toulouse DBA Rally


House Renovations, Moissac Barge Rally, Pans on Fire French Tour, re-join DBA committee


More House Renovations, more westward cruising, visit to Boareaux


Renovations Finished, Moissac Barge Rally, Barge Artz at house, not much cruising


July 14th in Carcassonne, cruising the Midi, the Chatfields in Coussan, back to Fontets


Long-Stay Visa, Rail Strikes, Canal de Garonne, Moissac Barge Rally, Dry-Docking, Up the Rhone, Wintering in Auxonne


First season up North, Doing the Doubs, first attempt at Strasbourg,