Thur 26 May - dewinterising, hot water, river walk, Storm, KAYO, Ivacy

Having got a good night's sleep, it was time to get the boat in working order. I started with dewinterising the boat (since H2O said they were too busy to get it done in the three weeks I gave them). So I  filled the water tank, flushed out all the water pipes of anti-freeze, turned all the power systems back on, checked the coolant levels and battery charges and a few other things. The only thing that seemed to be astray was that the hot water immersion heater didn't seem to be working from the shore power. I emailed Phil Tyson and he gave me a few clues but nothing seemed to work. Oh well, the weather is forecast to be hot over the next few weeks, so cold showers should be refreshing.

Rita and I went for a walk up the River Saone, and it was filled with fisherman (many with cars having German number plates). So we returned to the boat, where I caught up with the NRL scores where the Melbourne Storm beat Manly 28-8.

In the afternoon I kept fiddling with the immersion heater (to no effect), but at least the digital thermometer that Phil left for me was useful in measuring the temparature of the inlet and outlet pipes on the hot water tank. While the outlet pipes were consistently hotter by about 5-8 degrees, it was not enough to give a useful supply of hot water.

So I gave up on hot water for a while, and turned my mind to digital entertainment. Since I could no longer watch Foxtel Sports, I dedided to get a KAYO subscription and watch it via the VPN Express program I bought last year. But I didn't seem to be able to make a connection with KAYO via the VPN. On Googling to see if this was a common problem, I found that KAYO had worked out that many overseas people were trying this trick, and had blocked the Australian server that VPN Express was using. Further Googling, however, found that some VPN services seemed not to have that problem, and one hghly recommended was Ivacy. So I signed up with them, and was indeed able to access the KAYO site. However, as I proceeded to join KAYO, I found that they were implementing a two-part security check, including sending a code to your mobile phone number. Problem was that they would only send it to an Australian mobile number, and I had suspended my Optus mobile account before I left Australia. They wouldn't send it to my French mobile, but that would have given the game away anyway, if I was trying to join from France! So now I had no KAYO and two VPN services! But I noticed that Ivacy said they had a money-back guarentee if you were dissatisfied ith the product within 14 days for any reason. So I applied for a refund, without giving a reason, and got an immediate refund! When I have to renew my VPN account next year I might give them a go again.