Sat 28 May - H2O notice, Hawks, odd jobs, Polaris, Clive, Rita returns, SGP

With the sun making a welcome appearance, I continued checking various issues with the hot water service. Given Phil's advice, I used the multimeter to measure voltages at various points along the HWS electicity supply chain, but all seemed to be in order.

I also spent some time pondering a notice that H2O had left on the wheelhouse instrument panel, advising me about the impeller and containing various other instructions. I was particularly interested in the warning not to use the toilet or push any buttons! I emailed them asking what the message actually means.

As I was pottering around doing various odd jobs such as some minor deck cleaning, emptying some rubbish bins, and putting up the clothesline under the bimini, I followed the AFL results on my iPhone and saw that the Hawks had been thrashed by the Gold Coast Suns 121-54; more teething troubles with a young squad under a new coach?

Later in the morning, I had a chat with Hans, a Swiss guy on the boat Polaris moored next to us. He described his many years in Australia and his family who still live in Perth. While we were talking Clive from Cochon Noir arrived and joined the conversation. It was good to catch up with Clive who I had not seen since 2018 in Moissac, when he took out the title of Big Tosser at the 2018 Barging Festival. He is still the reigning champion!

In the evening, Rita returned from Besain as I was following the Speedway Grand Prix in Prague, where Australian Jason Doyle took out third place.