June 2022

Wed 1 June, CA, GAN, Carte de Grise, cheque, Aire, Sunbeam, chatting, 1st night

Thurs 2 June - new camper pickup, Veronique, canal walk, cafe, lost card, sunset

Fri 3 June - card, Abbaye, Sequence, GPS holder, battery, cassette, carnival, rain

Sat 4 June - Moissac Market, Kelly party, wedding reception, overnight at St Thecle

Sun 5 June - brekky, AFL, Nico & Miyu, collect camper, Valerie, economiyaki

Mon 6 June - tenants, Puycornet, boys lunch, Eddie Woo, fireworks, late home

Tues 7 June - sleep in, leave Puycornet, Aire, Coussans, Phil&Terrie, chat

Wed 8 June - tree down, Buzet Co-op, park lunch, Aire, singing, rain, Yahtze

Thur 9 June - coffee with Catherine, gallery, Rob and Cherie, more music

Fri 10 June - canal walk, Oh Deer, Cacor Cafe, booking, no TollTag, BelAir, pizza

Sat 11 June - sunny, St Ours walk, Vichy, Paray les Monial, Dole sans tolls

Sun 12 June - sleep, eBikes, impeller, storm, CdS, neighbours, sunset, moonrise

Mon 13 June - awake early, boat check, photos, multimeter, C7, ragodin, silure

Tue 14 June - first day, bowthrusters, Daniele, vignette, Ronce, Valerie&Hilde

Wed 15 June - couch, Arlo, flaky, Choissey, Dole mooring, Spookies, sunset storm

Thurs 16 June - farewell, vans, weedy, lock problems, Roset, birds and frogs

Fri 17 June - lake walk, la Veloupe, la Maroc, Jeanine, J&F Antonia, drinks

Sat 18 June - shade, make video, river lazing, drinks&nibbles, common friends

Sun 19 June - one more day, Spookies, rent, Daniele, river shade, fire, BBQ

Mon 20 June - away, cut rope, fender, E54-55, grounded, rescued, VNF, dinner

Tue 21 June - car, batteries, Voila, try again, tunnel, mooring, music, solstice

Wed 22 June - Zoom, cleanup, VintageCru, horse, orchestra, Arnim & Heidi, park car

Thurs 23 June - away at 1100, groynes, weed, Novillars, storm, John, town walk

Fri 24 June - late rise, persistent rain, chat, academia.edu, six for drinks, dancing

Sat 25 June - late rise again, sunny, Citadelle, La Plancha, rain

Sun 26 June - final brekky, fetch car, TGV, rain, Rita to Besain, MicroGrids, hail

27-30 June - working on the MicroGrid project