July 2022

Fri 1 July - PnP, costing, Auxonne, John, Besançon, entry walk, nightclub music

Sat 2 July - away again, up the Doubs to Deluz, lock breakdown, chimney

Sun 3 July - 0700 bells, bakery offer, morning walk, cafe, Doubs swim, sunset

Mon 4 July - thunderstorm, hill view, tag, swans, lunch, Baume les Dames, Fair

Tues 5 July - 1050h start, less weedy, E35 lunch, la Gouliasse mooring, jets

Wed 6 July - relax, late start, Antonia, weed, lost fender, students, Dampierre

Thurs 7 July - whipper-snippers, rope fender, tjalks, zapper, dinner, toilet

Fri 8 July - sunny, dentist, Jerome, E15, Montbeliard, pot plant, Kenny, dinner

July 9-13 - a week in Montbeliard

Thurs July 14 - canicule forecast, train to Auxonne, Vanumbra gone, butterflies

Fri July 15 - GAN, Auxonne, police, SJDL mail, Besain, Lac Besain, The Dogs

July 16-21 - a week in Besain

Fri July 22 - odds and sods, VNF Avis, no Strasbourg, no bowthrusters, C7, band

Sat July 23 - rain, AFL, batteries, C7#2, brass quartet, dinner, rock, moshpit

Sun July 24 - no power, away at 1030h, Dampierre, fisherman, bike accident

Mon July 25 -Swedish, lunch, simulator, La Goulisse, van Gogh, varnishing

Tues July 26 - cooler, Volker, Strasbourg, cat, u-turn, Auxonne train, Scenic, LSLD

Wed July 27 - Strasbourg, inspect, paperwork, lunch, collect, plates, LSLD, SON SF1

Thur July 28 - Kenny2, move upstream, van junk, cleaning, FeuVert, SON SF2

Fri July 29 - both vehicles to Dole, Mt Roland lunch, SJDL parking, back to LSLD

Sat July 30 - 14% vinegar, dismantle, pump-out, Skippy, PVC parts, SON Gold

Sun July 31 - SON article, blog/thesis, Chateau de Belvoir, Pompierre Concert