Monday 25 June - rescue Nick, Pomme de Mer, donkey, DELWP think, Besanko

We went across the canal in the morning to the Capitainerie to talk with Jim about arrangements for the Fêtes des Plaisanciers in August, given that the number of boats wanting to attend has exceeded our expectations, and the space available for mooring. He assured us that things were (sort of) under control at the moment, but that he has had to start refusing applications from further boats wanting to attend, unless they moor in a neighbouring town and commute across to the Festival. As we were talking with Jim. we saw Sally Gambier returning from shopping, and she mentioned that their car had broken down on the Motorway and been towed to a repair shop near Castersarrasin. Nick had taken a taxi over there in the morning, and was now looking for a way to get home. Since we have been helped by many barging friends in the past, I offered to drive over and collect him. So off I went, found the repair shop, and brought Nick home to Moissac. We then had a drink and a chat on Pomme de Mer, where we learned that they had sold the boat, and would hand it over in the week following the Festival. So this is their last year on the water, along with Stuart and Christine on Hilda May who will hand over their boat in the week before the Festival. Changes are a’happening!

As we left their boat, we saw a donkey grazing on the side of the road, and further investigation with the owner found that they had both just walked from Montpelier, and this was the end of their journey. As we walked away, a car and float pulled up to take the donkey back home the quick way.

The afternoon was devoted to thinking about the DELWP interview we would have in the morning, and preparing our 5-minute “elevator talk” that we would use to open the interview. After writing a draft and discussing it with Rita, I re-wrote it to take a substantially different point of view as a starting point. We’ll see how it goes in the morning.

In the evening, we took a break from thinking, and went into town together for one last concert, when two of the singers from Tangonella re-formed as a duet Besanko, to sing many traditional songs, as well as some more up-beat numbers with the male singer providing the background “music” using his beatbox voice. A nice ending to a somewhat subdued Festival des Voix for us.