After last night’s loss by England to Belgium in the World Cup we sent a condolences email card to Jim, to get even for his comments about Switzerland! But after last night with the Bestor’s, we both awoke with slight headaches. So after doing a bit of work on this blog, we both went back to bed for a bit more sleep.

After doing some shopping in the early afternoon, we dropped by the Renault garage to check that our booking for the camion (for Dindi Moon) was all OK. They remembered us well from the Pans on Fire booking in 2014(!), and assured us that all was ready to go again.

In the late afternoon, Rita went off for choir practice again, before joining me for Friday evening drinks at the Sunbeam. We got talking with Adrian, who told us about his adventures cruising solo on the Rhone. He made it all sound very challenging (and a bit scary), but I had to keep reminding Rita later that we were not doing it solo. If he could make it by himself, then we should be fine with two of us!

During the day, we had seen a number of interesting boats (a library boat, a circus boat, and a colourful boat with sails) come into port, and now they were all moored together at the east end of the port, ready for their performances over the weekend for the Festival of the Tarn. Should be interesting to see what eventuates.

Friday 29 June - headaches, Renault, choir, Sunbeam, solo on Rhone, circus