July 2018

Sunday 1 July - pinch’n’punch, choir party, World Cup

Monday 2 July - rain, IWHC, gym, capacitors, WC, F’n’C, Battle of the Pipers

Tuesday 3 July - Kaz&Iain, Anneke, singing, Catherine, Swiss WC, England

Wednesday 4 July - barging, Daisy, Dilligaf, Golfech, Kartcher, breaker, storm

Thursday 5 July - storm damage, inverter, rain, Agen Basin, trout dinner

Friday 6 July - SFR, video, aqueduct, Serignac, Phillipot, WC, bocce, rehearsal

Saturday 7 July - Buzet, AFL, Villeton, WC, dinner at cafe, SGP, petanque

Sunday 8 July - macerator, Fourques, lazing, Terrie & Phil, interests, ride home

Monday 9 July - postcards, EV, Fêtes, Villeton, power, washing, sunset dinner

Tuesday 10 July - millpond, Damazan, mooring, Night Market, small crowd

Wednesday 11 July - port disrepair,  cruise to Agen, 1630 mooring

Thursday 12 July - overcast, solar farm, Golfech, batteries, dog, generator

Friday 13 July - Valence pickup, Moissac, Tarn, Pipers, Sunbeam, music, Nic

Saturday 14 July - AFL, La Maison, HOT, chair, WC, La Fromagerie, concert

Sunday 15 July - Irene&John, CdS to Marion, WC Final, Rovi, thunderstorm

Monday 16 July - storm, Drumsara, docs, OFX v EDF, Cacor, sunset, moonset

Tuesday 17 July - Drumsara, Dexter II, Expo photos, bug, Pol Foth, frames

Wednesday 18 July - Prefecture Interview, thunderstorm, Stuart & Christine

Thursday 19 July - cheques, capacitors, Anneke, Tarn, Trad, Lauzerte, food

Friday 20 July - storm, eNews, photos, generator fixed, Sunbeam, STORM, HM

Saturday 21 July - petanque, capacitor, Dede, CH@T, Pravis, Creperie, SGP

Sunday 22 July - AFL, wire-brushing, Stuart, Pomme de Mer, Rovi, kingfishers

Monday 23 July - deflaking, washing, St Nicolas, boiler man, Nico&Miyu party

Tuesday 24 July - scrubbing, deck fittings, Organum concerts, Hot, Napoleon

Wednesday 25 July - preparations, FreeMobile, Tarn, Rovi drinks, trad concert

Thursday 26 July - painting, before&after, Rovi, CA attestation, Lauzerte

Friday 27 July - 2nd coat, landslip, Sunbeam, French artists, rain, Lozats, moon

Saturday 28 July - rain, by-elections, market, deck fittings, Phil keys, nothing

Sunday 29 July - vide grenier, AFL, Tarn, concert, skier, book, Molieres

Monday 30 July - cooler, mail, Rovi drinks, Phil’s Nime saga, moonrise

Tuesday 31 July - no DELWP, shuttle, covers, fuel consumption, Auvillar, Mutti