July 2014

Tuesday 8 July - back to Singapore Air

Wednesday 9 July - the trip to Moissac

Thursday 10 July - Intermarche, bed hunting, house inspection

Friday 11 July - AFL, bed buying, K&I, train to Beziers, dinner on Le Piglet

Saturday 12 July - death in port, data allowance, catamaran, Cardiff SGP

Sunday 13 July - rainy day in Moissac, macerator, World Cup

Monday 14 July - drive to Talairan

Tuesday 15 July - Talairan, drive to Serignan Plage, karate

Wednesday 16 July - drive to Moissac, windfarms, Huw’s funeral, Larry&Annie

Thursday 17 July - shopping, BBQs, boat cards and concert flyers

Friday 18 July - driving class, bank, Effie, Tarn swimming, Kaz’s Dad

Saturday 19 July - Saturday market, Sea Wolf departs, Castelmoron Folklorica

Sunday 20 July - Le Piglet due to go, rain, house photos, drinks and scrabble

Monday 21 July - Le Piglet departs, tetanus, Frederique, clutch work

Tuesday 22 July - pan-stands, Stuart & Christine, house inspection & dinner

Wednesday 23 July - more macerator problems, VNF Naiade, Abbaye lightshow

Thursday 24 July - Kaz’s Dad, departures, making bass feet, Lauzerte visit

Friday 25 July - thunderstorms, concerts, gas, clutch practice

Saturday 26 July - foggy morning, AFL, emmaus browsing, SWC round 1

Sunday 27 July - DBA Meeting, lunch with NM&M, bass feet

Monday 28 July - drizzly morning, steelband articles, macerator, fetes, rain

Tuesday 29 July - macerator blockage, workshop venues, Auvillar, Damazan

Wednesday 30 July - St Aubin visit, IKEA lined shopping, Weldom chairs

Thursday 31 July - Weldom materials, new toilet, tobacco barn, SWC Race-off