Resignation from the DBA Committee

I nominated for the DBA Committee in 2012 at the behest of a former Committee member, at a time when the committee was in turmoil with lots of internal friction. I nominated primarily because I thought I might be able to use my market research experience to assist the DBA to learn more about its members, and hence develop more appropriate policies and strategies. To that end, I designed, conducted and analysed DBA Member Surveys in 2011 and 2012.

However, I had the feeling in 2013 that my time on the Committee was perhaps a waste of time (mine and theirs). I felt that some Committee members preferred to ignore the results of the surveys and continue basing their actions on their own opinions of who the DBA members were, and what they wanted.  More importantly, I had a fundamental difference of viewpoint with some Committee members as to how ordinary DBA members should be treated. All this was compounded by pressures in Australia, as I adjusted to life without running my consultancy company. So, given the difficulties of trying to interact with a committee that was primarily UK-based when I spent most of my time in Australia, I reluctantly decided to resign from the committee in April 2013. Happily, one can enjoy barging without being a committee member of a barging association.